Development Update! Septemember 2018

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Development Update! Septemember 2018

Postby Administrator » Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:19 pm

Hi, everyone! I've been getting a bunch of questions in the last few weeks about the current status of Outer Colony development, and I'm just going to make a quick post to answer these publicly.

Outer Colony is still very much in active development, and we've been chugging away without any breaks for the last year; we just haven't been posting a ton of information. We're in the midst of overhauling the game's graphics entirely, both to make a more aesthetically pleasing and easily playable game. We got a ton of great feedback from our beta releases in 2017, and we found that a lot of players had some difficulty understanding the 3 dimensional nature of the worlds, and they wished that the game were more fun to look at.

As such, we went back to the drawing board, and we decided that a graphics overhaul was in order. We're re-writing the engine's renderer to display worlds using an orthogonal projection to display worlds in 3 space. This should make it much easier for players to understand the game, and our hope is that it'll decrease the initial learning curve and increase the fun factor. My hope is that it also makes the game more visually stimulating and rewarding, yielding a more fun experience for the player.

While we're leaving all the core gameplay in place, to have its development continued after the graphics overhaul is complete, the graphics revamp constitutes a major effort. Our estimated release date had to get pushed back by at least 18 months to accomplish it, but I think the end result is going to be much better. We're holding off on posting much in the way of screenshots until we've got things looking great.

It's worth nothing that we've had some internal difficulties with securing the right personnel to produce the new isometric pixel, and that's kinda' holding up the works at this point. On the bright side, much of the coding for the isometric renderer is in place, and once we can secure the right team member to build out the necessary art, results should appear quickly.

Thanks so much to everyone for their patience, and if you have any questions, feel totally free to ask! We've also been posting updates with some regularity to the Outer Colony thread on the Dwarf Fortress forums, so feel free to check out the link below for more details on the events of the last year:

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