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Re: Release Notes

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 3:11 pm
by Administrator
Version 0.5.39 is out. This is a really tiny update, but it was needed to correct a rare (although serious) bug that could freeze the game.

Resolved ticket #331: This was a bug Tartle Wizard found where sometimes the engine's physics processing task would not end gracefully when trying to return to the main menu, making the entire game freeze completely.

Re: Release Notes

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 12:10 am
by Administrator
Version 0.5.40 is out. This is a minor release, but fixes a few critical bugs identified by Anachronic. It also includes another usability improvement suggested by Torvus.

Resolved ticket #334: This fixes a backwards compatibility bug with save files from before 0.5.38. Old save files should load properly once again.

Resolved ticket #332: Fixes a critical bug found by Anachronic. The guided tutorial is now disabled on non-tutorial worlds.

Resolved ticket #333: Fixed another critical bug found by Anachronic. It would happen infrequently, but it was a concurrency related failure when trying to gracefully halt the engine. It would result in the entire application locking up.

Resolved ticket #318: This was a feature request from Torvus to simplify the physical / intellectual training split in the education policy configuration UI.

Re: Release Notes

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:53 pm
by Administrator
Version 0.5.41 / 0.5.42 are out! These are also patch releases to get ready for the public release that will accompany our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Resolved ticket #335: This was a ticket to add a new batch of sprites from Jericho to Outer Colony.

Resolved ticket #337: This was a ticket to add a warning that multiplayer games may be buggier than single player ones at this point, because multiplayer has only been tested by a small number of users.

Resolved ticket #339: I temporarily removed the "Return to Main Menu" option, because of all the problems caused by engine shutdown / restart without the main process shutting down, too. This is a temporary solution to all the funky behavior encountered by Anachronic in his test thread. At some point, I'll fix all the engine restart bugs and get this feature back in.

Resolved ticket #353 / 352: These two bugs were duplicates, caused by out of memory issues encountered by Torvus and Imperator. Small memory setting (2.6 GB of heap) can only support micro worlds. Small ones were running out of memory.

Resolved ticket #349: Fixed a UI bug with order sorting when rescinding orders.

Re: Release Notes

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 2:15 pm
by Administrator
Just one more tiny patch for the public release. Version 0.5.43 fixes a multiplayer bug related to a crash that Anachronic found last week.

Resolved ticket #356: This was a ticket to resolve a multiplayer crash that occurred from an error in retrieval of world data.

Re: Release Notes

Posted: Tue May 02, 2017 7:50 pm
by Administrator
Version 0.5.44 is out! This contains a few bug fixes that have been identified since the public release.

Resolved ticket #360: This fixes a bug that could occur when a ship full of barbarian raiders would try landing very close to the edge of a world.

Resolved ticket #363: This is a fix for a bug that could occur in an NPC's environmental awareness module. Some underlying location calculations were encountering problems when NPCs got close to world borders.

Resolved ticket #364: Fix for a serialization bug that was causing problems for move on foot actions.

Resolved ticket #365: This was a fix for human pathfinding. People were incorrectly opting not to use bridges, instead swimming very slowly over open waters when ground routes were available.

Re: Release Notes

Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 5:01 pm
by Administrator
Another new release, version 0.5.45 is out! This fixes some multiplayer usability bugs and adjusts some general functionality according to feedback. Special thanks to forum user Torvus for the tickets he submitted!!

Resolved ticket #370: Reasons for not fulfilling orders weren't being serialized and transmitted in multiplayer games. Now, when colonists can't execute orders, they should report reasons in multiplayer worlds.

Resolved ticket #367: This fixes another bug identified by Torvus, where failure to connect to multiplayer servers could effectively lock up the application.

Resolved ticket #372: This fix removes some debug print text that was used to debug an old issue in multiplayer games.

Resolved ticket #373: This was a feature request to increase the translucency of pending mining order rendering. It makes pending mining orders easier to see during daytime hours.

Resolved ticket #374: This fixes some bugs that were causing certain animated sprites not to load properly, due to typographical errors in sprite resource paths.

Re: Release Notes

Posted: Sun May 14, 2017 4:51 pm
by Administrator
Version 0.5.47 and 0.5.48 have been released. 0.5.47 was made to remove support for 2.6GB heap mode, and 0.5.48 includes some optimizations and scaling back of physics processing to correct performance issues.

Resolved ticket #375: This ticket was to remove support for systems with less than 6GB of RAM. It eliminated the 2.6GB memory mode and moved the default mode up to 4GB.

Resolved ticket #376: This ticket requested an optimization to fire physics processing, reducing the number of calls to getPhysicsData().

Resolved ticket #377: This ticket requested an optimization to fluid physics processing, also reducing the number of calls to getPhysicsData().

Resolved ticket #378: This ticket was a request to scale back the frequency of processing physics task. Some changes were made to the engine to analyze how long physics tasks are taking to run, and it scales the rate of submitting physics tasks according to how quickly the engine is processing them.

Re: Release Notes

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 4:03 pm
by Administrator
Version 0.5.49 was released earlier this week, and I'm adding this post to the release notes thread for historical purposes.

The last few releases were implemented to address a severe processing defect that was inhibiting play for users with modern GPUs. Huge thanks to Wafehling for help in working through this one, and Torvus, as always, for lending his machine to help identify the root cause.

Resolved ticket #379: In this update, I adjusted the installer and codebase to force use of the software-only rendering pipeline in JavaFX. Something about using hardware acceleration was causing horrific lag in users with powerful GPUs, and this patch addresses that. I don't know if I consider this to be a proper "fix", because Outer Colony and Java should use the available hardware to the fullest extent possible, including graphics cards. At a minimum, though, this is a temporary adjustment to make the game playable for users with good computers.

Re: Release Notes

Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 11:49 pm
by Administrator
Version 0.5.50 is out! I'm calling this the frog release, because it's primarily addressing bugs found by Etgfrog. It's being uploaded now, and it should be live within a half hour.

Resolved ticket #380: Fixing a bug found by the frog - demolishing a light structure was an atom smasher, annihilating everything it contained.

Resolved ticket #382: This was a fix for a bug where stockpiles were not being affected by gravity.

Resolved ticket #383: This was a fix for an issue that Torvus identified a ways back where stockpiles were being created on the roofs of light structures from the top-down view when "view interiors" was checked.

Resolved ticket #381: This was a request made by both Torvus (from Erkloro 8) and the frog. Now, when human marksmen engage sedentary creatures, they'll put some space between themselves and their target before opening fire, using ranged weapons in a more sensible way.

Resolved ticket #384: This is another frog fix, addressing an issue where the material synthesis dialog was reporting incorrect quantities for what a colony could produce.

Resolved ticket #385: Perhaps the biggest frog fix of all, this repairs one issue that could cause the duplication of raw materials when material refining orders were carried out. I don't think this solves a separate issue identified with material synthesis, but it should clear up at least one broken case.

Re: Release Notes

Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:56 am
by Administrator
Version 0.5.51 is hitting the streets in just a few minutes. This one contains more bug fixes and usability improvements, mostly from Asgarus, Torvus, and other Dwarf Fortress forum users! Huge thanks to all of you guys for submitting all the fantastic bug reports and feedback, especially to Asgarus, who's been emailing me world files and more to aid in the debugging process. Way to go above and beyond, man!

Resolved ticket #387: Added Nylon as a producible fabric.

Resolved ticket #386: Added Rayon as a producible fabric.

Resolved ticket #388: Changed "Getting Started" on the splash screen to "Guided Tutorial", per Madman's request.

Resolved ticket #391: Made the requests interface report "No Requests" when there are no pending requests, for additional clarity.

Resolved ticket #390: Fixed a serious bug identified by TheScout that was preventing butcher station products from being transported to a stockpile.

Resolved ticket #392: Fixed an anomaly in gravity processing identified by Asgarus.

Resolved ticket #393: Fixed an incorrect starting quantity for fiberglass stairs.

Resolved ticket #395: Improved the room assignment interface to show which humans are actively requesting rooms, per a request from Asgarus.