Awesome Rewards for Help Testing

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Awesome Rewards for Help Testing

Postby Administrator » Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:15 pm

So many of you guys are contributing in such a tremendous way to the testing and QA process, and I'd like to come up with a proper way to thank you for your efforts.

I'm totally open to suggestions on this! One idea I had was generating ancient ruins as a part of world history, then engraving them with your name and some sort of tribute, thanking you for your efforts in forging the universe.

Can you guys think of any other neat ways I can thank you? I'd be happy to add this feature and include tributes of your choosing! Really, the sky is the limit in Outer Colony, and if you can imagine a mechanic, I can probably implement it. Anybody who's active on the forums at this point has certainly earned it. :)

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