Welcome, from Sam!

Welcome to the OC boards. This is a friendly place, so tell us about yourself and say hi!
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Welcome, from Sam!

Postby Administrator » Fri Oct 21, 2016 3:03 pm

First, let me welcome you to the Outer Colony boards and thank you for stopping by!

My name is Sam, and I'm the designer and programmer of Outer Colony. I administrate these boards, run the website, promote Outer Colony on Twitter, and wear a great many other hats in managing Voyager Games. I hope to make your stay at these forums as fun as possible, so if you have any questions for me or want to know anything about Outer Colony, feel completely free to post in one of the boards!

The purpose of these forums is to bring the Outer Colony community together and to provide an enjoyable place for people to make friends, discuss gaming, learn about Outer Colony, and generally have fun. I've always really enjoyed forums as a sort of meta aspect of my favorite games, and I want to provide that sort of element here. A game is more fun and interesting when you can interact with its creators, ask your own questions, and offer your own thoughts and suggestions. It makes development an engaging, community experience, and not a dark mystery that goes on behind closed doors.

I hope people can make some friends on these boards, too. Some of the best friends I have in the real world are people I met a decade ago on a forum just like this one. I've received so many great emails and DMs on Twitter from amazing people, and I have so much fun answering them! It would be even better, I think, if all these great people could come together and discuss things collaboratively on a forum like this. Outer Colony is a multiplayer game, too, and I hope these forums can be used to help find partners for multiplayer matches.

Finally, something that a lot of people don't initially realize is that I'm only one part of a whole team that's building Outer Colony! I handle the software side and much of the overall design, but much of the art, music, lore, and design elements are built by other members of our team who don't have a Twitter presence. It'll be great to bring the team members together here and to introduce them via these forums.

I hope that everyone has a great deal of fun here, and I want to welcome you, once again, to the Outer Colony forums!

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