Feedback on integrated tutorials version

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Feedback on integrated tutorials version

Postby Anachronic » Tue Feb 14, 2017 6:33 am

Hey Sam, I did a really quick session with Outer Colony this evening and have a bit of feedback that might be useful... Bit of a laundry list actually

-I'm not getting any tool tips for the two buttons to the left of the Issue Light Structure Deployment Order button (under Issue Construction Order)
On a related note, a handy reference would be an image of the main interface screen with a legend on the right and arrows going from each tooltip to the relevant button. Or a button to press in-game to show all the button tooltips somehow. Maybe that reference already exists in your tutorial and I just missed it or forgot? I also noticed that sometimes the tooltips have a tendency to disappear on me when I'm moving the mouse from one button to the next.

-The effect of the audio options is delayed until after I close the options screen.

-Noticed that there are scroll bars below and beside the image in the World Generation scene. Not a big issue, but would be nice to see the whole picture and would add some polish to get rid of those... maybe they wouldn't be there in a higher resolution? That's more of a feature request I guess.

-It seems like the left and right mouse buttons do the same thing? Might be nice if left mouse button controls the selected tool, and the right mouse button could Inspect Tile.

-Also seems like the user can't really do anything after they closed the world map or the encyclopedia, or unpaused the game. It might be useful in that case to have the focus revert to the Inspect Tile tool. If that is a real UI issue (I might just be unaware of some functionality), then maybe it could apply to other buttons too.

-A really minor issue, but the rain doesn't pause when the game is paused. Doesn't really matter, but something in my head went "Hey, the rain didn't pause huh." Probably because I'm going through the interface like a tester instead of a gamer though...

-There is a few seconds lag each time I set down my ship. Figure that's probably when some heavy processing occurs and it's no big deal, but figured I'd let you know just in case it's something that can be improved or not supposed to happen. For slower computers it might be useful to display a message saying "Please wait" or something between when the ship location is selected and the processing is finished.

Have a couple feature suggestions that might be nice:

-Different graphics for each faction on the faction selection screen would go a long way to making the player feel connected to that choice I think... That's the only thing I really noticed that I think would improve the setup process... It would be really awesome if each faction had a different look and feel to the UI, like different color schemes or panel borders or something but that's a lot to ask eh.

-A 150% (maybe a 200% too?) zoom option so players can get a closer look at the pixel art :) Might also be useful when focusing just on your initial landing site.

-Is it possible to get back to the start menu when you're in the game? Looked for that option in the File menu and tried hitting escape thinking it might bring up a dialog but didn't.

Also should mention (possibly again?) that I really love the music, and that opening planet scene on the main menu is just awesome. Really sets a good tone for the game. I like how each of the cycling images has a highlight on the area that is presumably the colony. The only thing I'm thinking would be really cool (besides seeing that in full-screen), and which is certainly not a vital feature, is if the lights for the colony spread out across the planet as you stayed on the main menu.

Thanks for the updates! The integrated video tutorials look super helpful. I'll hopefully be able to give the game a bit more time soon. Cheers

edit - Oh and one last thing, an info or about button that had the version number, or even just having the version number in the title bar could be useful for testing. Then you would know which version is used when people send you screenshots, and it would be easier for testers to refer to which version they are on. Not really a huge deal though since the app updates automatically so testers are always on the latest version.
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Re: Feedback on integrated tutorials version

Postby Administrator » Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:45 am

This stuff is all solid gold, Anachronic! I'll write a more proper response here as soon as I can - I'm going to fall asleep for now, but much of this will be addressed in the next release, and I think you're going to really like the upcoming / new tutorial system a great deal!

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