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Re: Optimization?

Postby Administrator » Sun May 21, 2017 3:53 pm

wafehling wrote:Will do. Just pledged to the kickstarter too.

Oh, thanks so much, man! You've already been the biggest help possible with all the testing work you've done!

I'm actually preparing to post a significant new update as we conclude the Kickstarter campaign. I do an abysmal job of marketing and getting the word out about Outer Colony, so while it's unlikely that the campaign will actually be funded, it still managed to generate a bit of organic exposure for the project, which is great.

Most importantly, the project gained a couple new testers, yourself included, and I think I've learned a few more important things over the course of the campaign. Developing Outer Colony is a process that spans years, and our process is all about continuously refining and improving until the game is just right. Don't worry! Even if the Kickstarter campaign isn't funded, development will continue. It's just another step on the project's road.

But I must reiterate my sincerest thanks for your support. That you're willing to invest the time, energy, and money you have into Outer Colony really means a great deal. It gives me hope that if we can keep improving and implement the vision perfectly, there are people out there who will have fun with this.

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