RetroPrincess - One of My Favorite Streamers!

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RetroPrincess - One of My Favorite Streamers!

Postby Administrator » Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:35 pm

I just wanted to make a thread here about one of my favorite streamers on Twitch, RetroPrincess. I first discovered streaming about a year ago, and the first show that I really got into was a weekly broadcast from RP called "Scare the Princess". She tackled a bunch of different indie horror games, and it was pretty damn funny watching her try to wade through jump scares, gross character models, senseless gore, and other, various nightmare fuel. Watching her show became a weekly ritual of mine, and I'd spend my Friday afternoons programming Outer Colony on my left monitor, while watching RP on the right one.

Her show actually had a lot of depth to it, and while it was very funny to watch, viewers really had a chance to thoroughly explore all the different games with her. It wasn't always just comedy, but it was really a journey through the games' narratives, uncovering their meanings, sharing her reactions, and just sorta' experiencing what the games had to offer alongside her. Her play-through of "Among the Sleep" was genuinely moving, and if you ever can find the time, I highly recommend checking it out.

RP's show is one of those hidden gems on the internet, and if you like streaming, I suspect you'll like her channel. I discovered a completely new genre of game when she played The Bunker, I learned all about an amazing, classic game when she tackled Dungeon Keeper, I came along for the ride as she raised money for charity, and I even won some Steam keys for awesome games during one of her give aways!

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention another one of my favorite streamers (BeautifulPanda - he warrants another thread of his own) here, but for people who don't yet know about streaming, I wanted to note what an awesome medium it is. If you're thinking about getting into Twitch, I'd really recommend subscribing to these guys. You'll be entertained, you'll learn a lot of new stuff, and you'll get to go along with the host on an interactive sort of journey that's really unique and fun. Sub to RetroPrincess if you've got a Twitch account. You'll be glad you did.
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Re: RetroPrincess - One of My Favorite Streamers!

Postby RetroPrincess » Fri May 05, 2017 6:42 pm

Oh gee. My face is redder than red. Its our quaint English telephone box red! Bless you Sam!
I haven't been streaming regularly as we are moving the computer stuff in to a bigger room and my backdrop is badly stripped walls (can't think who that was :cry: )
hugs xxx

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