A room for Outer Colony ?

Questions, ideas, and general discussion of Outer Colony.
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A room for Outer Colony ?

Postby Tchey » Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:26 pm


I've read several discussions about OC, and often the names of RimWorld and DwarfFortress are spoken. I do so myself, too.

First, i think it's amazing to be compared to DF and RW, as they are the two giants, and actually, only challengers to my knowledge.


Where will OC stands ?

- DF is under developement for about 12 years and amazingly deep and dense, and no game might ever reach its level because of the already 12 years of making. It has a free with donation models and get 1000-4000€ each month.
- RW is "less" than DF, but much more friendly, with a "modern" GUI, and is extremely moddable with lots of related activity, assuring at least a few years of lifespan even if it was abandoned today. It's a buy to play model.

- OC is "ugly", i think DF ASCII or tileset are still better than OC, clearer to understand and follow what's going on, but i understand the visual will be redone in isometric view, so let's see. I think OC tileset is ugly, but i do love the illustrations.
- OC is coded in Java ? So, according to my little knowledge, it will become only slower as you add stuff inside, and depends on external tools to be launched (have to have java installed to play OC).
- OC is buy to play (is it ?)

The genre is already a niche genre, and have seen several failures over the past years, such as : Towns, Isomer, Goblin's Camp, Gnomoria, Timber & Stone, all abandoned and sometimes released without notice and without further support...

So, my concerns, and my friends ones, is to see OC collapsing with the others, suffocating between DwarfFortress and RimWorld, which already gathered many of the potential gamers for this niche and have massive arguments for themselves.

I certainly don't want this, and i'm super curious to have your point. "Your" being the dev(s) and other players.
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Re: A room for Outer Colony ?

Postby Torvus » Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:51 pm

Good question. I personally think there is plenty of room for OC. One thing which OC has that DF and Rimworld do not is multiplayer. Co-op and PvP should add a lot of interesting gameplay. Adding to this the multiple playable factions and I think there's some added replayability.

And this is just me, but I think with the bee shamans, genocidal robot cults, roaming mad sciebtists, etc, the OC universe is a pretty fun one
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Re: A room for Outer Colony ?

Postby Torvus » Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:59 pm

And where are my manners? Welcome to the OC forum!
I am Torvus. My titles at voyager games are thus: Lore Weaver, Creature Consultant, Chief Science Officer, Company Chaplain, and Star Magus among others.
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Re: A room for Outer Colony ?

Postby Administrator » Sat Sep 09, 2017 6:03 pm

I still need to find the time to respond to this properly, because it is an important question. Given my current work situation, I'm highly limited in the time I can spend on outer Colony right now, so I've got to budget time for tasks carefully and might not be able to provide a sufficient answer for some time. To hold you over, though, I'll give a short answer that hopefully covers the basics.

In short, I'm not really worried about how Outer Colony compares to Dwarf Fortress and RimWorld from a design perspective.

I've never had much desire to try RimWorld. I'm sure it's a great game, but it's never been something I've looked at and wanted to try. So I can't really comment much on it, or how Outer Colony might relate to it. Again, I don't want to knock the game, because I'm sure it's amazing, but it doesn't have the features that I'm specifically looking for as a player.

Dwarf Fortress, while a technical masterpiece, is admittedly something I haven't played very much. I've logged maybe 5 or 10 hours of my life playing the game. Part of that is because I haven't had the time to really dig into it, but part of that is the lack of multiplayer. I really only enjoy multiplayer games at this point, and the single-player nature of DF has sorta' left me wanting. Again, I think as highly of DF as I could of any software in the world. When I say it's a masterpiece, I mean that it's a work of art that should be regarded in a similar way to the great sculptures, paintings, and novels.

But for me, the lack of multiplayer has prevented me from digging into it.

I also want to attempt to model human behavior, rather than that of a dwarf. I want to focus on realistic infantry tactics and semi-realistic command and control systems for combat management. I want to model human culture in a way that hasn't really been tried before. I'm just sorta' doing my own thing, building the features that I want to build into the game. I don't worry about Dwarf Fortress or RimWorld when I'm making my design decisions, and I don't worry about the niche that Outer Colony might fill.

I just want to make an awesome game, exactly the way I want, that other people can hopefully enjoy, too. I don't really account for what other developers produce in that design process, because I think that Outer Colony can be a great game in its own right. It brings enough unique things: multiplayer, its human behavior modeling, its particular take on world simulation, its combat systems, etc. - that people will be able to enjoy it and have fun with it.

Hopefully that answer makes a bit of sense, but if you've got further questions, feel free to post them!
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Re: A room for Outer Colony ?

Postby Lubricus » Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:22 am

You should definitely check out Rimworld.
If not for the gameplay then how a functioning UI for a similar game to OC can work.
It's relatively easy to see what is going on and figuring out how to do stuff in RW with lot of graphical hints even if it is simple 2d graphics. (obs the keyboard support is lacking in RW and is better in DF). OC is a 3d game so it will be harder to achieve. The combat is also quite good and have tactical depth and influence how you should build your colony. The graphical design is heavily influenced by Prison architect and lot of UI and game-play stuff is added to the core game from the best mods from the big modding community.

Don't be afraid to copy UI stuff from other games what is important is the OC have an unique gameplay. I think you can go further on the simulation point and give the colonists more room to do stuff on their own to discern the game from the competition.

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