First impressions and some proposals

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First impressions and some proposals

Postby Lubricus » Sat Sep 23, 2017 6:53 pm

The game looks interesting but it's hard to getting started and understand what is going on. I think the real challenge is to make it easier to see what is going on without dumbing down the game. I don't think the isometrics graphics is so important it's possible to convey the information much better and clearer in text, sound and simple 2d graphics than is done know. I come with some feedback before I forget the early struggles with the effect I don't yet know what the game really is.

1. Game window
I like to play in full-screen with the small window a lot of important screen real estate get lost and i play to escape to another world for a while and don't want to see the windows desktop and everything there I should do.
2. Menus
The menus looks more like an productivity software than a game. Games usually have the save restart menu pop up when pressing the esc key.
The file menu have no exit. There should be an exit option for familiarity and a dialog should pop up if you don't have saved.
With current menu design the save world option should save with the last chosen name. The save world as should have the last name preselected. When open game the last save should be pre-selected. Game have often instead of the save option a quick save that saves over a standard name. Delete saves is awkwardly hidden in the option menu it should bee in the file menu. there should also be a reload game option so you can restart without exit the game.
Items select menu
The category filter is so long so it should be possible to use the keyboard to chose the alternative, Items that have the same stats should be on one line and show the number you have (not one row for each bullet you have)

3. User interface affecting game play
Some of the more important aspects of gameplay is to have quick feedback so you can determine if what you are doing have any effect good/bad. It's very hard to see what is going on and if what you are doing works in OC. Take for ex. power/electricity I can't figure out how you see if a machine is connected to the electrical grid or if it needs electricity at all. The response and information is preferably shown in several different way. A mashine that needs electricity should have that information in some text. When you click the view generator info there should be text stating if it has power or not. It also should be an graphical symbol warning that the machine have no power. The same should of course true for water to. With better info the player can testing stuff and quickly figuring out the game and that is fun.

I had no chance understanding much without the tutorial so i did the tutorial even if it would be more fun to figure it out myself

4. The tutorial
I had some problem. The second all weather structure bugged out and complained about level terrain?
I have English as a second language and had to google some words that could have explanations in the tutorial I had never heard the word cot and potable water.
The number for materials to process and use feels high and difficult to comprehend and have no relatable units. Processing 50000 magnetite the first do feels way to much.
When I should construct a lamp there is no information of the luxurity of the available materials (because the are not luxurious but how could you know when doing the tutorial.
A bad miss in the text of the tutorial about the child care area "when a child grows up in your colon"
The electricity part don't explain the rules how stuff get connected (I still don't know) It only show one simple example that works.
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Re: First impressions and some proposals

Postby Torvus » Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:32 pm

Thank you for your feedback. A lot of this is similar to suggestions made by other players which means they need to be on the list of future improvements.

Welcome to the forums. I hope you'll stick around and continue to share your thoughts with us here.
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